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₹ 1299


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₹ 150

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₹ 1449

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Texco red lace cut out crew neck with tie up waist detailing evening dress

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Texco red lace cut out crew neck with tie up waist detailing evening dress

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Customer Reviews

  • Delightful
    Review by Steve johnson on 25/8/2016
    The laptop as a whole package is decent ...I believe there should be more ram to it...as I do feel a bit of a lag in the daily operations ....I you wish to do more than web browsing and multi tasking you should go for an i5 and not the i3 processor....
  • Great laptop un expected.
    Review by ellen d marco on 25/8/2016
    It a great and cute machine, while ordering also never expected that it will be so cute at first look, and performance is fantastic...
  • Mind-blowing purchase
    Review by John Doe on 28/2/2015
    The product fulfills what is required for home and day to day use. Free Antivirus and startup was excellent. The product was up and running in less than an hour. The product was delivered before it was promised. Delivery tracking needs to be taken to next level by ekart.

4 star for product, 1 star for delivery Crocus logistics have gone down significantly. Earlier I got orders dispached from other parts of country delivered in a day. Before placing the order, it showed next day/same day delivery option available for my PIN code, which vanished and changed to standard delivery once added to cart.
Got cool 10 thousand discount for my 7 yr old laptop. Could not have been better! But otherwise prrice of 45k is 2-3k overpriced in my opinion.
+Nice convertible with decent specs
+Relatively sleek and light. Though lighter alternatives exist, but they are mostly costlier.
+Decent looks
+Decent build quality
+IPS screen with decent viewing angles
+relatively less heat.